Those who deride Kerry Katona misunderstand her function as a celebrity. It’s not about talent. It’s not about admiring her wit or her sartorial brilliance. It’s not even about wanting to shop at Iceland (though have you seen their party platters of frozen mini chocolate orange profiteroles – delicious!)

We like her, because Kerry Katona exists to make us feel better about our own sorry existences. She has her ups and her downs (some of them captured live on breakfast TV). She gets papped looking less than perfect. She shacked up with a dodgy-ish geezer (we don’t mean Brian McFadden, we mean the other one). She allegedly smoked during pregnancy – um, ok we’re not actually with her on that one. She also gave birth while being filmed for a TV show before going on to have shitloads of plastic surgery – um, ok we’re not with her on that one either.

But Kerry Katona has at least shown some signs of actually being human. Which is more than you can say for the average Hollywood A-lister. What we’re sick of is seeing stars like Nicole Kidman who, at nearly nine months, looked like she was pregnant with half a grapefruit. We’re talking about the types of celebrities who are in their skinny jeans two minutes after labour, doing fourteen hours of Pilates a day or whatever, and who just make ordinary mums, like us, feel absolutely rubbish. Wow, it must be so tough being a celebrity and having a whole flotilla of nannies, wet nurses, personal trainers and make-up artists to make sure you don’t lose a nanosecond of beauty sleep or get snapped looking anything but perfect.

So bring it on, celebrity mums who lose it in the full glare of the public eye – Kerry, Britney et al we salute you.