I’ve been really lucky since having my baby. I have this great personal trainer who’s helping me get back into shape, and it’s only cost me about a tenner to use her as many times as I like. In fact, you might even have heard of her – her name is Davina and she’s got this funky kickboxing-type routine that she does with the odd wry aside and cynical wink to let you know she’s finding it a little bit tricky too.

When I’m fed up with Davina, I could always turn to Nell, one of the Stricly Come Dancing presenters or even a C-list actress who used to be on Emmerdale if I’m feeling desperate. There’s just a couple of downsides. I have no motivation whatsoever, my living room isn’t big enough to swing a pygmy kitten in (which means I end up crashing into the wall or sofa every time I do a half-hearted high kick), plus I also get lost following any exercise instructions more complicated than ‘now touch your toes’.

However, if you’ve had a baby and like me, your partner gets home at gone 8pm, you have little hope of ever getting to the gym again, exercise DVDs are still your best bet. They’re also mercifully cheap, often less than £10 – the going rate for the average London fitness class these days. And, of course, you don’t have to pay for them on direct debit for the rest of infinity. (Why don’t more gyms operate modest pay-as-you-go schemes? Obviously something to do with the fact that while most of us are great at signing on the dotted line, usually in the bleak winter light of January, we’re not so good at the actually ‘going’ bit.)

Since having my baby, I have bought no less than seven exercise DVDs. Two of them still have the shrinkwrap on. They vary in quality, but while cruising on Amazon one sleep-starved evening, I stumbled upon a particularly brilliant series of 10 minute workouts – surely even I could find a pitiful window of ten minutes a day to do a few crunches and squats? Um, try a bit fat (literally) no. It’s just far more tempting to sit down with a plate of digestives and the latest episode of Mad Men. I’m not completely giving up though. For one thing, my baby boy finds it far too hilarious watching me make an idiot of myself in front of the TV. Who needs Teletubbies when he can watch mummy attempt and fail to perform a downwards dog?