Do you remember how much you hated it? You knew it was coming, there was nothing you could do and then there it was – the dreaded tissue, your mum wetting it ever so delicately with her warm soggy saliva and rubbed energetically all around your face. The thought still makes me cringe.

And yet. I have been there. I’ve been searching for the half-used tissue in my overstuffed handbag spitting away and rubbing jam-stains and toothpaste-marks like a maniac. And loving it. LOVING IT.

Is it a way of getting my own back? I mean, it is kinda cute the way she makes a ‘yuk’ face when I do it… Or is it some kind of deep-buried cat-like maternal instinct – a small evolutionary step away from simply getting my tongue out and licking my daughter clean on a crowded commuter train?

What’s sure as eggs as eggs is that this is one of those things you’d NEVER consider doing pre-baby and can look forward to doing as naturally as shrugging once that sticky-faced child is part of your life…