Fun Kids

It’s a real problem.

The problem: finding music that pleases the three-year-old but doesn’t make the thirty-something-old vomit. And vice versa. Something that entertains the pre-schooler but isn’t TV (devil’s work you know, although we do love it) and (crucially) doesn’t entail the mummy doing all the hard work, in fact, any work whatsoever.

And then, there it was. Having finally entered the digital age with a digital radio birthday pressie, I was flicking through the channels and chanced upon my salvation. Fun Kids – a new digital radio station aimed at kids. Thinking they might play nursery rhymes and the like I gave it a go. But no, oh no, so much better than that. Oh sooooooo much better than that! Somehow they’ve got that tricky balance right – not only wooing the kids, but pleasing the adults (or kidults?) who are, natch, listening too.

How? Well, Fun Kids play an array of music that switches between the funny (cue Animal Hour with everything from Nelly The Elephant to some obscure German song about a bee) to the classic (they seem to have access to an astonishing library of old tv and film music from around the world) to the soothing (cue Nap Hour with, ok, slightly cheesy Classic FM type noise but not overly offensive), and – joy of joys – it seems to have nabbed the playlist from the now sadly defunct Chill FM in the evenings. And as Nuyorican Soul’s I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun streamed out around 8pm, I realised this wasn’t just aimed at the children, but a kid(s)-in-bed, toys-rounded-up, glass-o’-wine-poured, washing-up-done, cooking-on-the-go radio station for mums as well. Nice work.