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For years I have been horribly cynical about the mania the rest of the world has for Christmas. The complaints I had were hardly original: yes, it’s become way too consumerist. I’m not religious so what am I actually celebrating? It’s depressing for people who are on their own (the suicide rates shoot up at this time of year). It’s also tough on couples (so do divorce rates in January). And for many people, the prospect of getting together with family is miserable and stressful, rather than fun and exciting.

But after becoming a mum, all that horrid, mean, Scroogy cynicism (OK, some of it) has gone right out of the window. Because now Christmas allows me to indulge every secretly tacky, consumerist, tinsel-covered bone in my body. I can’t wait to see my son’s face light up when he gets given a big fat stocking on Christmas morning, and tears open his presents. I’ve loved watching him open the advent calendars we have (both old-fashioned cardboard, and iPod app). He saw a fairylight-strung Christmas tree grotto filled with fake reindeer and owls the other day, and, being only 17-months-old and not highly developed in the ‘good taste’ department, looked awestruck with total wonder. Next week I am even planning to go into a Build-A-Bear Workshop to get a cuddly panda for my son (pre-kids the kind of store I gave the same wide berth as I do Kentucky Fried Chicken). I may or may not buy a mini Santa outfit to dress it up in. Speaking of which, yes, I do also plan to dress my son up as an elf on Christmas day. While he is little enough to enjoy the whole twinkly, magical side of it all, I’m certainly not going to spoil it for him.

I’m not saying I embrace every aspect of the festive season. I’m still not crazy about the wastefulness and endless cycle of people giving others presents they don’t want, like or need.
And I definitely draw the line at encouraging anyone to buy the Susan Boyle album as a present this year. I may have come round to Christmas but I haven’t taken complete leave of my senses.

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