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Nobody in their right mind would enjoy being slobbered and schlicked by an over-salivating old aunt. But switch the aunt for your bubba and – my oh my. Bring it on. We can’t help it, we go weak at the knees, we go all gooey in our brains and we go all slush-puppy in our hearts. There’s nothing like your first smacker from your little one. And once they learn how to make you melt they have you round their little pudgy fingers. So what if it’s 6am and you know any minute the first tantrum of the day will screech its way around the corner. She’s sucking your ear, slobbering your nose and squelching your eyes with an “I love you Mummy” to break your heart. And all you can think is: So. This. Is. Why. We. Do. It.

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This blog is currently dedicated to stuff new mummies like. As opposed to stuff mummies of teenagers like. That's because we don't have teenagers yet. Give us a few years though. We're told it goes pretty quickly...

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