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The problem with babies is they just keep on growing. And growing. And growing. Not only is this a killer on your back when carrying them around, it’s incredibly inconsiderate as it means you have to keep forking out cash for new clothes all the bloomin’ time. It’s not too bad when they’re born (especially if it’s your first) as chances are you’ll get a fair few wearable presents from friends and relatives: tiny teeny jumpers with teddy ears, cuter-than-cute bodysuits, snuggly ickle hats, that kind of thing. But inevitably as they get bigger, the itty bitty clothes run out and you’re left spending how much for a branded hoodie from Baby Gap? The same or,  possibly more than you would spend on a jumper for yourself. And you have, technically, stopped growing (though if  you carry on with the afternoon KitKat habit, that may be a moot point).

Obviously for cheap stuff there is Ebay. And supermarkets.  But every few months you still have to replenish their entire wardrobe. In the adult world the only people who do that are Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham.

If you’re very lucky though, there is an answer to total financial ruin every time your precious little one puts an extra couple of pounds, or goes through a growth spurt. And I have been very lucky in that a couple of sets of very good friends have been kind enough to loan us their hand-me-downs. Not only has this saved us tons of money over the past 18 months, it’s saved us time too (no queuing in Mothercare, losing the will to live), and it’s also made us feel ultra-virtuous as it’s green. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and I can see a point in the not-too-distant future when the hand-me-downs run out (after the age of two or so, different growth rates mean kids start to overlap in size). Which means, oh my gosh, we might have to actually buy some clothes (obviously we have bought the odd thing already, but not a lot).

Normally any excuse to clothes shop, is one to be celebrated, in my book. But when you have a boy, you don’t even particularly get to enjoy the consumerist process as boy clothes tend to be fairly dull – invariably either stripy, or with a dinosaur, monkey or some kind of vehicle printed on the front. It’s going to hurt in more ways than one. Charity shops, here I come.

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